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Food Trip Friday #5

Last Wednesday, a few members of the Negros Bloggers went to Frankie’s Crepes and Pancake House. We had a short meeting on many updates regarding our organization’s future events.

Since I was so hungry that time because I failed to eat lunch, I ordered Banana Chocolate with Whipped Cream and Iced Tea. I also ordered a Hungarian Sausage as add-ons. I haven’t tasted crepes so I thought ordering one would be a great treat for me.

When my order arrived, I immediately took a picture of it. Unfortunately, the camera I brought has a its memory full. Good thing my reliable mobile phone was there. After taking the picture, I immediately grabbed a bite.

The Hungarian Sausage as expected was spicy. It was delicious! As for the crepes, well, I am no longer fond of eating too much sweets. So I was not able to finish up my order. I think the combination of banana and chocolate syrup is too sweet for my tastes buds.

So, I hope you enjoy my entry, happy Food Trip Friday!!


Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #3

Welcome to my blog!! Please leave a comment and I will surely follow you all back!!

Food Trip Friday #4

Going to the hospital for check-up or admission is part of life especially if you have children. So whenever we are there, we have our usual favorites – cheese sticks and mango float! Johann David, my son loves eating mango float and so as my eldest Micah Izabel. As for me, I always eat cheese sticks. I just loved the way they cook them.

Happy Food Trip Friday!!

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