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Archive for May, 2012

postheadericon Tha Siam, The Mall Bangkapi

I have made a post about the food I had at Tha Siam Central World but I realized that there is a branch nearest us– at the Mall Bangkapi!

Hubby and I went there in one of our “us”times and we totally loved the food!

I've never had so many fishballs in my whole life-- like a boatful of them!

Hubby had this seafood dish with curry

I had this veggie dish with spicy curry... whew!

This post made me so drool! I am definitely paying that resto a visit again.  By the way, “Tha Siam” in Thai means “Boat Port of Siam”. So I guess that explains that boat in the first photo.  :)


postheadericon Music Lovers

Both my two kids are music lovers. It’s not a wonder, actually since hubby is a musician and I used to sing in the church band, too. Nothing compares to the joy of seeing our kids have a passion for music.

Ria had to stop learning the violin a few months ago because their school closed down. When we go back to Thailand, I hope to enroll her in another music school. Hopefully, she is learning the piano this time.

As for Roi, I think he is keen to learn guitar but for now, he is our little singing star. I think EVH Guitars guitar center is worth looking into. I don’t have a budget to buy musical instruments for now, but to window shop would be a good idea.

Speaking of guitars, I think I need to learn how to play the instrument more. There are times that hubby would not be available to play in church gatherings and meetings, so I could easily take his place.

postheadericon Bamboo Springs

My family is making this pool about half a kilometer away from our house. It’s actually going to be a family business, so we are looking into ideas on landscaping, etc. I don’t think the pool would be ready before we go back to Thailand, though.

We will be coming back for another short vacation in December so I guess it would be ready by then– I hope. The swimming pool really costs a lot. Aside from the tiles, cement and landscaping, we still have to buy an intellichlor.

By the way, in case you’re wondering why I entitled this post “Bamboo Springs”, it’s what the resort is going to be called. A few years ago my dad planted bamboo around the area, and the bamboos are really full grown by now. It’s amazing how they have given beauty and shade to the place!