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Going Raw

I have never eaten so many raw vegetables until I came to Thailand. I found it so weird at first to eat raw cabbage, eggplant, and string beans but I eventually got the hang of it. I have come to realize that these raw veggies usually come with a very hot and spicy meal or sauce, so it helps neutralize the taste. Not to mention that raw vegetables are usually sweet and crunchy so it gives your spicy meal an added flavor.

We have a joke that we are like goats eating grass when we are served with Thai food and those leaves+ raw vegetables. Its just good that Thais dont understand our language so we could laugh our hearts out without being understood! :)
If you want to know what I am talking about, here are photos to prove to you that we have indeed become goats in this country!

 photo sagbot2_zps28cf20b8.jpg

Raw bean sprouts, basil, mango leaves and cucumber (which is always eaten raw even in the Philippines where I come from)

 photo sagbot3_zps2dcffb55.jpg

Dip it in a spicy sauce! Perfect! (I cant remember what this raw veggie was)

 photo mama_zpse6d2357d.jpg

This is called Yam Mama Yam means salad and Mama is a brand of an instant noodle. Yam Mama is mixed with raw cabbage, ipil-ipil, and lots of other greens!

I told you we have become grass eaters! Me-eh-eh!

Oops! Did I just sound like a goat?!


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Dining at Jeffers

Jeffers Grill is one of the popular restaurants in malls especially for those who love Western dishes. Thai food is great but if you have to eat them everyday in Thailand, you cant help but crave for burger or pizza once in a while.

 photo JEFFER4_zpsfb6599bc.jpg

Burger with fries

 photo JEFFER3_zps084aec63.jpg

Spinach with macaroni and cheese

 photo JEFFER2_zpsa98598e1.jpg

Veggie salad with dressing

 photo JEFFER1_zps043df3e7.jpg

Mushroom soup

It was indeed a sumptuous dinner, but I really forgot to take down the individual prices for each dish.  I do remember paying around 10.50 USD for this whole meal.

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Khao Man Gai

One of our favorite Thai dishes is Khao Man Gai (ข้าวมันไก่่). . It is a chicken dish but what sets it apart is that the rice is cooked from the chicken broth.

 photo kawmangai_zps4e32fadf.jpg

The chicken could either be boiled or fried. It comes with fresh cucumbers

 photo kawmangai2_zpsb310e9c5.jpg

Free soup!

 photo kawmangai3_zps72d88c6e.jpg

Of course, any Thai dish would not be complete without something spicy. This is equivalent to our bagoong in the Philippines except that its hot!