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Black Canyon Coffee: A Drink from Paradise!

If you are looking for good coffee, a nice ambiance and good food, Black Canyon is the place to go when you are in Thailand.  The interior is actually very western , but they also serve delicious Thai dishes.  Here are some photos of what we had at Black Canyon lately:

This chocolate cake is perfect with coffee!

The coffee comes with some tiny cookies and tea.

I am looking forward to dine at Black Canyon again soon! By the way, Black Canyon’s famous tagline is:  ”A Drink from Paradise, available on earth”– I couldn’t agree more!

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3 Responses to “Black Canyon Coffee: A Drink from Paradise!”

  1. Jessica Cassidy says:

    Momi Raye, that cake looks so tempting to bite and the coffee is just delish to sip :-) I bet that you have a wonderful time spending in that cafe :-) Thank you for sharing this to BPC mwah

  2. emzkie says:

    wow! kalami ani mommy Raya! im drooling at the cake. your post reminds me of the coffee in Taiwan. they have the best coffee that ive ever tasted. =)

    BPC hop!

  3. Rcel says:

    Naunsa naman ni oi. Wa pa jud ka nahuman palaway sa imong mga sweet slices diha Raye? Lol. I’ll pass on the coffee but I won’t on that dark chocolate nga slice cake akong nakita. Ka-lami ana oi!

    BPC hop!

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