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Types of Cisco Certification

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What are the levels of Cisco Certification for Internetworking? Where do I start? As with any certification program, knowing where to start is always the most confusing question. The answer lies with what you already now and not what you believe you know. Taking an assessment test will reveal your actual skill level. This will be valuable if you are already working in the IT Department of a company. Otherwise most people will begin at the entry level certification.


There are five levels of Cisco Internetwork Certification with each having step-certifications. Here is an idea of what they are.

Cisco Entry Level Certification:
• Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician [CCENT]
• Cisco Certified Technician [CCT]
• Routing & Switching
• Data Center
• TelePresence

Cisco Associate Level Certification:
• Cisco Certified Network Associate [CCNA]
• Security
• Data Center
• Routing & Switches
• Service Provider
• Video
• Wireless
• Design [CCDA]
• SP Operations
• Voice

Cisco Professional Level Certification:
• Cisco Certified Network Professional [CCNP]
• Security [CCSP & CCNP]
• Service Provider [CCIP & CCNP SP]
• SP Operations [CCNP SP]
• Video Design[CCPD]
• Wireless
• Routing & Switches
• Data Center
• Voice

Cisco Expert Level Certification:
• Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert [CCIE]
• CCIE Routing & Switches
• CCDE Design Expert
• CCIE Data Center
• CCIE Security
• CCIE Voice
• CCIE SP Operations
• CCIE Storage Networking
• CCIE Service Provider
• CCIE Wireless

Cisco Architect Level Certification:
• Cisco Certified Architect [CCAr]
• CCAr Board Certification Exam

The Cisco Certification Program begins with the basics and ends with board certification, if you choose to reach that high. Start by finding an approved Cisco Certified Training Center in your region. Training Center listings will be published on the Cisco website or by searching the web.


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