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Missing Swensen’s

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Sweet tooth alert! The following photos would get you drooling!

 photo swensens2_zpsa705e44c.jpg


 photo swensens1_zpsf56ce66b.jpg

I really miss Swensen’s.  It’s one of our favorite hang outs in Bangkok and this hot and humid weather has made me miss Swensen’s ice cream more!

One of my closest friends who is in Thailand now asked me what I’d like her to bring me home.  I wanted to say, “Swensen’s, Pad Thai, Iced tea with milk…” sigh.  Some things are not possible.  Sadly.

Halo-Halo: The Number One Filipino Dessert

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Ask any Filipino living abroad about the food they miss eating– it would not be surprising to find “Halo halo” on top of each list.

This mouth-watering dessert’s main ingredients are: shaved ice, evaporated milk, sugar palm (kaong), kidney beans, nata de coco, sweet potato, a scoop of ice cream, leche flan, ube, grated coconut sport (macapuno), jackfruit,and tapioca (sago) and colored gelatin.

 photo HALO2X_zpsb2395358.jpg

Before you eat halo-halo, you need to mix all the ingredients first. Now the mixing takes skill– you have to thrust your teaspoon in an up and down motion, and it’s important to be extra careful not to have spills on the sides of your glass.  Continue doing so until all the ingredients have been fully mixed.

For my non-Filipino readers, the word “halo” is actually a Filipino term which means “to mix.”

Great Dining Experience at MK

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MK is definitely one of our favorite restaurants in Thailand. It’s actually a Chinese hot pot resto– I love the fact that it’s healthy and for an affordable price, MK never fails to give us one satisfying, burpy-licious meal everytime!

 photo MK3_zpsf7770106.jpg

The place is cozy and quiet, ideal for family dine outs

 photo MK4_zpsb05b82c6.jpg

We got this vegetable set for 9 USD

 photo MK5_zpsef05aec0.jpg

Shrimp tofu

 photo MK7_zps46cba97d.jpg

Fish-shaped salmon meat (wait, isn’t salmon a kind of fish already?) :)

 photo MK8_zpse968808b.jpg

Fried tofu

 photo MK9_zps52f30e09.jpg

Into the hot pot they went…

 photo MK10_zpsf3e054b9.jpg

Rice served in bowls with chopsticks

 photo MK6_zps273cc182.jpg

This duck dish is our all-time favorite!!  One serve costs 195 THB or 6.50 USD

 photo MK2_zpsc6f4cfde.jpg

The MK sauce with garlic and chili is a sure winner– this is what sets this restaurant apart from its competitors, actually. We totally love it.

 photo MK1_zpsfdf22012.jpg

The meal comes with an unlimited iced tea already, so you don’t have to buy drinks unless of course you are craving for soda or a fruit drink.

Burrp! That was one great meal shared with friends last night.  Thank you for yet another great dining experience, MK!