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Safety matters

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How safe is your house from robbers?  Although stealing is not that common in Thailand as it is in our home country, it is still best to be mindful of our belongings than to be sorry after.

Let me explain when I said that stealing is not very common in Thailand.  To start with, it would be common to see shoes and flip-flops being left outside shops and houses, even in touristy places like the temples.

Stack-On PSF-709 Personal Fireproof Safe W/ Combo LockThe first thing that came to my mind when I saw those was, “are these things safe out here?”– to which the Thais found funny. Well, we really don’t have a multi-million property here, so I guess we really don’t have to worry much about robbers. Maybe those tycoons have to have one of those stack on gun safe in their houses.

But I think that regardless of our status in life and wherever we are in the world, let us always remember to take good care of our properties and guard them well.  And mind you, you might need one of these safes to keep important documents in.  It is worth your investment, for sure.


His tool box

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I really thought hubby is already turning 40 on his coming birthday.  It’s only a few weeks from now so I was getting pressured of getting him something special on his 40th.  Then he said he’s still turning 39!  Oh dear, my math was so wrong but still, I have to think of ways to make his big day special.

For starters, I still can’t bake him a cake because I still don’t have my dream oven.  My handy hubby is really desiring a tool box filled with useful tools.  That’s what he wanted for his birthday last year but due to budget constraints, I was not able to buy it for him.  I should set aside money for that.

I should get him his dream guitar for his 40th—one of those classy Schecter Guitars. Ok, that’s still  a year from now so I have enough time to save up.  Meantime, let me look for that tool box!

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Costumers know best!

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If  you are a businessman you are aware of the importance of knowing your customer’s preferences.  One of the secrets to excelling in business is to have a benchmark survey among your target customers– once you know their preferences and you believe you are able to satisfy what they need, it would be safe to launch your business.

Nowadays it’s a lot easier to take your business worldwide.   Well, not that easy, but at least it’s a lot easier  compared to how businesses were done 2 decades ago sans the internet, the social network sites and the invention of websites.

If you have to take your business to the next level, or if you are aspiring to have a market worldwide, you would definitely need  customer satisfaction surveys.  Customer feedback would determine your business’ next step to take– what to products to mass produce, what to get rid of, and how to improve product quality, etc.  It is impossible, however to get feedback without the help of survey software.

There is no better way of getting accurate, up-to-date feedback from your customers all over the world than using this tool.

If customers indeed know best, then business people should value their feedback, and strive to give them the best they deserve.


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