Cebu Pacific Meals

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Those who are travelling via Cebu Pacific would know that the tickets you pay don’t include meals– you have to pay for it.  When we went home to the Philippines last month, we took the day flight. Normally we would take the night flight which is at 12:00 midnight Bangkok time and would land Manila 4:00 a.m. Philippine time (there is a time difference between Thailand and the Philippines, the latter being an hour advanced).

Since our flight was at 9:00 in the morning, you can imagine how early we woke up (not to mention that we barely slept the night before) — we had to head for the airport at 7 in the morning.  We did not have a proper breakfast so we did not have a choice but to buy from the Cebu Pacific meals when the kids told us they were hungry.  Good thing we had 1,500 PHP courtesy of our visiting friends months ago.

The meals at Cebu Pacific were unbelievably expensive, but we have to admit that the sandwich was so good!

Sandwich at 100 PHP (2.50 USD)

Pepsi in can at 100 PHP, instant noodles at the same price


Lesson learned:  have a proper breakfast before a flight– if not, be at the airport early so that at least we can buy these at 1/4 the price.  But that’s always easier said than done when you have two kids in tow, right?  So I guess I am just happy I have at least experienced what it’s like to eat a Cebu Pacific meal.  LOL! :D


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