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Christmas Doughnuts!

Our family sang Christmas carols in our neighborhood two nights ago.  Well, we actually were just able to sing for two families as we are not that close with our other neighbors.

Singing Christmas carols is not very common here in Thailand since Thais are pre-dominantly Buddhists.  However, Christmas is very well-celebrated here!  They love the songs, the lights and Santa Claus. Haha!

We were surprised to receive this box of doughnuts from one family.



The box cover has a photo of Santa on it. See? told you they love Santa! :)

Hubby said we should return the favor by giving them a cake or something.  Cakes are quite expensive here, sometimes I wish I could bake well or that I even have an oven in the first place.  A box of Christmas cookies would have been a great Christmas present.

I am actually thinking if it’s a good idea to enroll in a baking class so I could do a little business!  Having a cooking/baking degree would also be very much in demand in other countries, I heard.  I don’t know how I would fare if I got hired in one of those Quality Coordinator Jobs, though.

I wonder what other jobs would I be able to do if I went overseas?

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