Eating According to Your Blood Type

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In his bestselling book, Eat Right for Your Type, Dr. Peter J. D’ Adamo discusses the importance of eating according to your blood type. Dr. D’Adamo claims and proves that if you ate foods that are compatible with your blood type, you would experience allergy resistance and enjoy an overall good health.

Dr. D’Adamo’s claims have been questioned by many detractors for its lack of scientific evidences, although many have claimed to have improved health when they followed Dr. D’Adamo’s diet plan. I have found this study to be very interesting because personally, I am suffering from allergies which I really want to get rid of.  My doctor says that there is no way that I can ever get rid of this, but at least I am hoping that I could develop some resistance to it.  Anyways, here are some of Dr. D’Adamo’s  diet recommendations for you, according to your blood type.


Foods for Type O:  Low in carbohydrate, dairy products, high in protein

Choose:  Lean beef, chicken, fish, turkey, vegetables, and fruit. Limit: dairy, grains, legumes, and beans. Some specific foods to avoid: avocado, brazil nuts, oranges, cauliflower, mustard greens, cabbage, brussels sprouts, pork, goose, poppy seeds, eggplant, corn, melons, coconut, coffee, beer, black tea, ketchup, vinegar, milk, yogurt. Type O people should also engage in a lot of exercise.


Blood Type A: People who have Type A blood should eat plenty of fish and vegetables and limit on dairy intake. Choose:fish, vegetables, beans, whole grains, most fruits. Limit: chicken, turkey, and dairy. Some specific foods to avoid: beef, pork, shellfish, aged cheeses, cashews, pistachios, kidney and lima beans, wheat bran, potatoes, olives, yams, cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes, melons, bananas, oranges, mayo, beer, black tea.


Blood Type B:  These people should have plenty of meat intake, dairy, fish, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Choose:lamb, venison, rabbit, fish, most dairy, rice, oatmeal, green leafy vegetables, most fruits. Limit: beef, turkey Some specific foods to avoid: chicken, other poultry, pork, shellfish, American cheese, blue cheese, sesame, lentils, chic peas, black beans, wheat, corn, tomatoes, avocado, pumpkin, olives, coconut, pomegranates, pepper, ketchup, distilled liquor.


Blood Type AB:  Blood Type AB people can combine both A and B diets.

Choose:Lamb, mutton, turkey, fish, eggs, yogurt, non-fat milk, soft cheeses, most nuts and beans, most grains, most fruits and vegetables. Limit: No grey area with type AB Some specific foods to avoid: beef, pork, poultry, venison, shellfish, aged cheeses, sesame, kidney, black, and lima beans, sunflower seeds,  buckwheat, corn, avocado, bell peppers, black olives, tropical fruits, oranges, pepper, black tea, distilled liquor.

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  1. get smart says:

    In addition to avoiding meat-based sources of protein, D’Adamo suggests people with blood type A avoid all dairy products. He notes that people with blood type A are more likely than the general population to suffer from lactose intolerance. Eggs and fish should also be avoided, as D’Adamo says these sources of protein are poorly digested in people with type A blood. Therefore, soy, tofu, legumes and nuts are regarded as the optimal sources of protein for people with type A blood.


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