It was offline for almost two weeks because the hosting company where I hosted it said that there servers failed and was badly defaced. And now, this will leave you asking for sure, why on the earth did I host my blog somewhere else when I have my won blog hosting business.

Well, here is the straight answer; I was convinced by a sales talk from their Customer Service Representative telling me that their server is cool and awesome with unlimited features at a very low price (mura daw sobra)! Since some of my blog hosting clients wanted to have unlimited hosting features at a reasonable price, I opted why not take their offer and try it for a month or so. This is what I usually do when I buy new servers and before offering them to my clients (and I am glad that I always do!). Then I paid for one year, installed my new domains on it… then after a few weeks – poof!!! The worst downtime on my blogs happened!!

But since I am a patient person (or I thought I was), I waited for many days and believed on their promises that we will be online by next week since the downtime happened by Thursday or Friday. The next week finished in a flash… still no uptime. Then I sent them an email asking for a refund even 80% of what I paid. Instead of a refund, they replied to give them my username because they will provide the back-ups over the weekend. And now, it’s already Tuesday, no back-up was provided. Bummer!!

So, I opted to recreate my blog again. Copy pasted all the post from its Google cache (Thank you Mr. G!), then changed my nameservers, installed it on my reliable blog hosting service, waited for my blog to propagate, then finally, when I was able to access, I posted my previous blog posts and recreate the wordpress theme I did for the Minute Maid contest. And that is the reason why you are seeing my blog again… ONLINE for good!!

Now, what did I lost along the way?? Well, I lost around 70 plus of blog comments in my Minute Maid Pulpy post alone… not to mention posts from my other entry. Sad… sad… sad… Aside from that, I was almost in the verge of disqualification from the Minute Maid contest. Good thing my entry is back online before the contest ended. Thank God!

Lesson Learned? Never trust unlimited features because there is no such thing especially if it’s offered so cheap. Another thing is… if you pay cheap service then you are sure that you paid for a crappy one. (Mura nga, na pa mura naman ako.)

So, my conclusion?? Stick to my own reliable blog hosting services. At least when its down, I have myself to fight against with. LOL!!