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Goldilocks Lightning Mc Queen Cake

It’s great to see a Goldilocks shop in the mall nearest to us. But the thing is, the cakes are super expensive and there are no polvorons! :(

Two months ago our Filipino friends held a party for their son and they ordered a Lightning Mc Queen cake for 1,200 THB– that’s around 1,600 PHP. I don’t know if it’s that expensive in the Philippines but I do think it’s way too expensive… but always you’d forget about the cost when you taste Goldilocks. :)

Sorry, I think I took so many photos of the same cake. But it looks cool, doesn't it? I felt like this car had to remain that way... but since it's a cake, it should be eaten!

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5 Responses to “Goldilocks Lightning Mc Queen Cake”

  1. genefaith says:

    wow may goldilocks na jan sa Bangkok? sarap! My son would love to have a cake like this…mahal talaga cake dito, yong price na yan ilang layers na cake na kaya sa Pinas but if it’s yummy and makes ones child happy on his bday, why not? It’s worth the investment:)

  2. zoan says:

    wow amazing! my son loves lightning mcqueen and I know that he would love a cake that looks like mcqueen:D

    mine is up here:

  3. Vhen says:

    ay ang cute naman ng cake… colorful :)

  4. Pinx says:

    Ray, it’s the same price kay it’s a specialty cake. when we had our christening ni Bogs, my eldest, i paid almost the same price for a special christening cake. if Bogs sees this, he would surely ask for one. hehehe.. Lightning McQueen is his favorite. was here for YS!

  5. Jessica Cassidy says:

    what a cool cake :-) loved it :-) am sure that my son will love this cake too :-) dropping some late love for YS, hope that you can return the favor too.


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