Great Dining Experience at MK

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MK is definitely one of our favorite restaurants in Thailand. It’s actually a Chinese hot pot resto– I love the fact that it’s healthy and for an affordable price, MK never fails to give us one satisfying, burpy-licious meal everytime!

 photo MK3_zpsf7770106.jpg

The place is cozy and quiet, ideal for family dine outs

 photo MK4_zpsb05b82c6.jpg

We got this vegetable set for 9 USD

 photo MK5_zpsef05aec0.jpg

Shrimp tofu

 photo MK7_zps46cba97d.jpg

Fish-shaped salmon meat (wait, isn’t salmon a kind of fish already?) :)

 photo MK8_zpse968808b.jpg

Fried tofu

 photo MK9_zps52f30e09.jpg

Into the hot pot they went…

 photo MK10_zpsf3e054b9.jpg

Rice served in bowls with chopsticks

 photo MK6_zps273cc182.jpg

This duck dish is our all-time favorite!!  One serve costs 195 THB or 6.50 USD

 photo MK2_zpsc6f4cfde.jpg

The MK sauce with garlic and chili is a sure winner– this is what sets this restaurant apart from its competitors, actually. We totally love it.

 photo MK1_zpsfdf22012.jpg

The meal comes with an unlimited iced tea already, so you don’t have to buy drinks unless of course you are craving for soda or a fruit drink.

Burrp! That was one great meal shared with friends last night.  Thank you for yet another great dining experience, MK!

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19 thoughts on “Great Dining Experience at MK

  1. Pinx

    no shrimps for hubby! but that’s really affordable and with great company and place, that makes the dining experience greater, and makes you want to come again.

  2. Algene

    It’s good to know that you found a restaurant in Thailand which serves best dishes at affordable prices. That means you don’t need to spend big bucks for your food dining..

  3. Ria C

    Is that the one in MBK? If so, then my family and I have eaten there. I just couldn’t remember the exact name of the restaurant we went to when we were there. We had hot pot as well. I think it’s that MK.

    I love the hot pot so much. It is very filling and really reasonably priced. I can’t wait to get back to Bangkok and dine in my fave eating places.

  4. Marie

    so kawaiiiiiii! All the surimis swimming as though they are real fish! haha! But, I’d definitely go for the duck…I love duck meat! Quack! ;)

  5. jane

    this is very nice!! i love hotpot! we always have this before when we are still in singapore! bet i shud try one in thailand this novmeber!

  6. Rcel

    MK… And all I am thinking is Michael Kors! KUK. Sounds like a resto that I can frequent actually! The foods look delicious! :)

    Was here on behalf of Triz! :) Thanks for your sweet words!

  7. riz tomacruz

    the duck dish looks scrumptious. i miss eating duck -i wonder now, where have all the ducks here have gone. my mom used to cook adobo or spicy kalderetang bibe (duck) on special occasion.

  8. Bjorn

    I can’t wait to try the shrimp tofu. I haven’t eaten anything like it yet. I didn’t see it in a Chinese Restaurant in Cebu or in Manila. Perhaps, I just didn’t browse around and would stick to the all-time favorites that’s why.

  9. Lainy

    I was drooling over the duck dish and the hot pot!!! I better try out some of these replica dishes in a Thai restaurant around here. Will surely be something refreshing for my palate. They all looked divine!!!!


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