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My name is Dean Marshall, fifty-four years of age, five feet eight inches tall and I weighed two hundred and eighty five pounds. I am a foodaholic. I have a story to tell. First, I want all who read this to be aware of a few things.

• I do not hold a nutritional degree
• I am not an expert on diets
• I do not possess a formal education on weight loss or nutrition

I consider myself an authority on weight loss because I am five pounds away from my goal of losing one hundred pounds. My education comes from studying, research, preparing and working upon a sensible plan to get rid of my morbid obesity.

People accumulate excess weight for many reasons and excuses that are worthless. Individuals need motivation to lose the weight using different exercises, natural weight loss pills, a pre workout supplement containing Creatine, Citrulline, Glycerol, and healthy food choices, prepared correctly. An obese individual cannot omit one of these steps. All these steps fight together to help achieve weight loss success.

The first thing I had to realize was my excess weight caused my high blood pressure, putting me at risk for heart attack and stroke. I was also a new diabetic on insulin, taking shots every day.

I soon realized that I established this excess weight on my body over years of lack of exercise and food abuse. This excess weight did not appear overnight so I was not going to get rid of my excess fat overnight, and keep it off

My craving for bad food choices was not going to go away, and I needed support, help and encouragement. The key to successful weight loss is keeping weight within an ideal body weight range, forever.

What is considered obesity?

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Weight loss experts say, just being a measly thirty pounds overweight makes an individual obese. Health professionals consider the obese individual malnourished. Many American people are much more than thirty pounds overweight and enter into the level of morbidly obesity.

I thought that obesity was a nasty word and I refused to believe I was obese. I felt healthy and did not consider myself one of those obese people. I did have some fatigue, high blood pressure problems, and diabetes, but I just could not implement this thinking in my situation, even though I was one hundred pounds overweight. My excuse was my DNA.

The road to a healthy body is a worthwhile challenge

I have been on a long road towards new health and wellness through taking natural weight loss pills, following a well balanced diet and preparing my foods in the right manner. I gave up salt, sugar, and all fried foods, cut my intake of beef, stopped unhealthy snacking and drank at least eight, eight ounces of water per day. I will continue to follow this plan to keep the weight off. This is a lifestyle change for me that I have grown to appreciate.

It is necessary to cut down portions of food and leave the table when the stomach feels a tad bit hungry. Stretching the stomach to the point of the stomach hurting is dangerous and can create health problems. My natural weight loss pills helped to curb my hunger. My motivation and willpower to succeed in weight loss efforts had to kick in.

In conclusion, remember to consult your doctor first, before starting any weight loss and lifestyle change. Always eat three well-balanced meals per day, prepared correctly. Space these three meals with three healthy, low calorie snacks and do not forget a natural weight loss pill. Let your doctor give needed support through consult and monitoring weight loss progress.

About the author:

Dean Marshall is a self-confessed foodaholic who has been battling morbid obesity for the past 3 years. His book, MorbidWhat?!  is due to be relased by randombooks in July of 2014.

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