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postheadericon Having a fabulous room with Smeg

Depending on what your preferences are, I believe most people like their contemporary design to have a splash of the traditional. Whether this comes from that cool little bread bin you picked up at the market, or the olde world iron handles attached to the living room door, there’s no reason why classic and modern can’t go hand in hand. A perfect case in point being Smeg’s FAB appliance range.

The FAB range is designed to specifically to give a classic, look. The influence is 1950s pop art, so there’s a focus on bright, vibrant colours. There’s a vast array to choose from, including a vivid cherry red, girl-friendly pink or deep powder blue.


Smeg FAB Appliance Range.
The main body of Smeg FAB appliances are built around the retro appeal. People love retro, and these designs don’t disappoint. The smooth surface comes in either a glossy or matted finish, whilst the sides are curved for a continuous look on at the sides and top.
The handles are metallic and chunky, with a unique etched finish. They look like they belong on the door of a Cadillac instead of an appliance.

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