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Heavenly Haagen Dazs!

Our friend treated us to Haagen Dazs last weekend. Actually, we were looking for Swensen’s but we could not find it anywhere in Central Plaza.  It would be impossible for them to close down– I guess we were just lost, because we have not gone to this mall for about a year now.  Anyways, this is a lot more expensive than Swensen’s, but our friend said she does not mind treating us.  So, Yay!  

We chose six flavors:  rum raisin (my ever favorite) , macadamia nuts, cookies and chocolates,  mango sorbet,  strawberry, and strawberry sorbet.  It was indeed heavenly!  But to be honest, I think it’s too pricey.  Personally, I would not spend more than 10 USD for an icecream– but  then again, this is a treat from a friend, so I consider this one of life’s great pleasures.

Just a little trivia about Haagen Dazs:  It is a luxury icecream brand established in 1961 from Bronx, New York.  They opened their first branch in New York in 1076.  The business grew and created many franchises throughout the US and eventually, in many countries around the world.



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3 Responses to “Heavenly Haagen Dazs!”

  1. Food Trip Friday says:

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  2. u8mypinkcookies says:

    what a treat!

  3. Marcus H. Brooks says:

    I liked the Strawberry Chocolate, with bits of plump and sweet sun-ripened strawberries from Poland within. This refreshing and lighter flavour also goes best with the sweet-sour sorbet yolk. Milky chocolate and sorbet are just quite at odds. Also, the strawberry flavor is part of the Haagen-Dazs Five flavours which contains fewer calories, fewer fat and fewer saturated fat.


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