How to Feel Better Fast After Indulging on Vacation

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We all look forward to a well-earned vacation and the chance to enjoy some rest and relaxation. For many of us that also means the opportunity to indulge ourselves with some extra meals and treats that we might not otherwise have if we were at home. Nothing wrong with that of course, but a quick look in the mirror after we have returned can have some of us wanting to get back on track and feel better as quickly as possible after a dose of over-indulgence.

Don’t deny your body

One of the first things that many of us will try to do when we have binged and feel a bit bloated and lethargic, is to try to starve ourselves. This is a bad idea and won’t actually work as it is more likely to make you feel hungry and could even lead you to over-indulge again because your energy levels and resistance becomes too low.

When you feel hungry, you should eat but in moderation and also try to only eat healthy items that will not only tackle your hunger but also provide you with some vitamins and proteins. Try to aim to consume plenty of veggies and take on board some food that consists of lean protein. Starving ourselves is almost a form of self-punishment but it won’t make you feel any better and it certainly won’t help you to feel better fast after a bout of holiday over-indulgence.

Plenty of juice

Drinking plenty of water is always a smart move when trying to keep yourself properly hydrated and to help you start feeling better about yourself as quickly as possible after your vacation-related food and drink sins. Another excellent way of kick-starting your body into better shape is to take a three day juice cleanse where you can get your vitamin levels up to pre-holiday levels and very quickly start to feel much better.

Fresh foods

Choosing as many fresh foods as possible for your shopping basket is not only a really good idea for sourcing plenty of natural vitamins and nutrients but it can also make you feel good in spirit as well as body.

A meal that has been made by you from scratch using only natural ingredients wherever possible is going to taste really nice compared to a processed meal and it will almost certainly make you feel better and heighten your enjoyment of the food in front of you, when you know what has gone into it.

Body detox

Feeling good again after a spell of over-indulgence is not just about what food and drink you consume to help you recover, it is also about relaxing your body and mind. Health benefits of Walking, walking exerciseTo help your body detox from an assault of too much food and sugar in the system, take a long walk in the countryside and take in plenty of fresh air along the way, followed by a relaxing bath or shower using some bath salts or essential oils. A physical and mental cleanse works wonders as part of your efforts to feel better fast. Over-indulging on vacation is all part of the fun of being away from our normal routine, but it is also a nice feeling to get back to normal as quickly as possible and feel better about our body health.

About the author:  Lena Lewis is a travel agent with a passion for health. She loves helping her clients and other frequent travelers live a healthy life by writing for travel and health blogs.


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4 thoughts on “How to Feel Better Fast After Indulging on Vacation

  1. Adin Blankenship

    It is during our vacation where I feel guilty because I do eat food that we normally dont eat. Not worried about the drinks though because I always have water. But my heavens we like a lot of french fries only during traveling and I dont know why. The craving starts as soon as we hit the road. LOL! Crazy. And in the middle of our vacation, I crave for fresh fruits, veggies and rice. LOL! Great tips!


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