Hubby’s veggie dish with shrimp

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Hubby and I take turns in cooking. I am blessed to have a domestic divo for a hubby! Here’s what he made us yesterday. Those shrimps tasted perfect with the veggies! Burp!

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13 thoughts on “Hubby’s veggie dish with shrimp

  1. Vhen

    YUMMY! i luuuurrvve that hehehehe!

    here sis from OT!

    hope you can visit my entries too:

    hope to see you there, thanks!

  2. tejan this..shrimps my favorite maybe bec. its orange?..hahha kidding!

    tsalamat sa visit sa akong gwapo nga orange:)

  3. bluedreamer

    yikes… i’m drooling now haha
    thanks for sharing
    Here’s our Orange Tuesday Entry
    A Father’s Day Gift
    Have a great day and Happy Blogging

  4. Lainy

    I love the domestic divo statement, LOL!

    That sure looks so yum yum and delish, Raya.

    Thanks for dropping off a comment at I am returning the favor.


  5. January

    yummy. i love this. so makulay ang buhay pag may gulay. hehe

    Visiting from Orange Tuesday
    Hope you can come and visit my Oranges: Smileys Balls and Levitating Moments. Thanks!

  6. anne

    I was full a while ago but looking at this picture, I feel like I need to eat more. Thanks for dropping by, I am sorry I am late visiting you back

  7. mygreenlivingideas

    ooh, looks really delicious. I love shrimps. Thanks for sharing and visiting my site.

  8. cheerful

    that looks really delicious…and healthy! visiting you from orange tuesday and wishing you a great weekend!


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