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January Weight Loss Plan

Preparing for the fall out of a months’ worth of gluttony; is the Dukan diet the right January weight loss plan for you?

Now the festive season is truly upon us I’m already thinking of the New Year and how I’ll be feeling about the months’ worth of binging which has led to a full stone weight gain in less than 4 weeks. One could suggest this isn’t an unavoidable truth however I have now lived through enough Christmas’s which would suggest otherwise.

So the hunt for the perfect diet begins. Firstly I explore an Ayurveda detox diet, however after reading the first few phases which require one to undergo therapeutic vomiting and the taking of therapeutic laxatives I’m back to the drawing board.

adoboI remember reading an article in The Guardian about the Dukan Diet and start reading up on the Dukan diet phases. The first phase is called the “Attack Phase” which requires you to cut out carbohydrates and strictly intake 72 high protein foods. This instantly sounds more appealing compared to the vamana or vomiting phase of the Ayurveda detox diet.




pinakbetPhase two allows you to alternate protein only days with days which allow a mix of protein and 28 of the recommended vegetables from the Dukan 100 foods list. Once again this phase sounds far more appealing to phase two of the Ayurveda detox.

The welcome return of pleasurable foods reappear in the Consolidation phase, or phase three. Here you basically start to re-balance your diet with some of the old foodie friends you miss. However it seems the key to success is in not going overboard and sticking to some of the key principles in stages one and two. ­




The final stage to the diet is called Stabilisation which enables one to sustain a stable reduced weight via continuing the support that was received within the first initial stages.

While researching the Dukan diet you notice there is huge community of fellow dieters online which are encouraging each other throughout the phases. This network of helping hands is the final sum in the equation which enables me to choose that the Dukan diet is the January weight loss plan for me.


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