Jollibee, at last!

We were in our home city for more than two weeks and we have never gone to Jollibee there.  I really find that weird, because it would have been the first places to go to when we are in the Philippines.  We have gone a couple of times to Chowking, though.  Maybe our taste buds have shifted to something Thai or at least Chinese. :)

But of course, what kind of trip to the Philippines would it be without a Jollibee experience?  So we did go to Jollibee before our flight to Bangkok– at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3! Yay!

…and  someone is happy.  No, VERY happy.

As for me, you can’t see my smile, but I was so  happy with this:

Until then, Jollibee.  Seriously, you should come to Bangkok!

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