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Losing weight, the healthy way!

Fighting the battle against the bulge has been the challenge of almost everyone. Sometimes the desperation to lose weight becomes extremely harmful to self. The desperate few are willing to beat themselves hard by doing rigorous exercises and extreme dieting to the point of starvation, and are easy victim of weight loss industry with their promising products.

In the quest for weight loss solution, researchers found the African mango extract. It has recently been recognized for its weight loss property. It is derived from the fruit African Mango, sometimes called Dika nut tree. It is cousin to the tropical mango fruit. It has smaller seeds and different meat compared with the favourite tropical mango.

Discover a healthy way to lose weight!


When a person gets much older, he often binges, or craves food even when he is not hungry. Blame it to aging Leptin receptors. These are receptors found in human brain, specifically the hypothalamus. It is responsive to the presence of a protein called Leptin.

Liptin is a protein hormone that plays a key role in a person’s metabolism and appetite.  What it does is it regulates energy input and output by signalling the brain that he has eaten enough. This leads to the familiar feeling of satiation.

A puzzling research shows that obese people generally have abnormally high concentration of Leptin.  The high concentration of this hormone in the fat tissues may have led to Leptin desensitization. Time factor could be the missing piece of the puzzle. The long term high Leptin presence in the body may have overwhelmed the sensitive receptors distracting their normal function.

African Mango diet may be the best solution to weight loss. The extract of this fruit have shown to improve Leptin receptors’ sensitivity to the hormone Leptin.  The receptor, and not the hormone, is the key to significantly reducing appetite and effectively decreasing weight.




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  1. Mom's Place says:

    wa lagi ko ani…kinsa diay ni hehehe. anyway, i am just so lucky that i maintained my weight without taking any weight loss pills or supplements. laag lang ko diri Raya..hehe

  2. How to lose fat fast says:

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