Moringa Health Benefits

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Moringa, or called kalamunggay in our regional language in the Philippines is definitely one wonder plant. Although we have always been aware of its health benefits, it is only recently that this plant has made it to the headlines of international health magazines. It would be very common these days to find moringa tea sold in malls and health shops.

These are among the health benefits of moringa, according to this site:

Are rich in Vitamin A. Good for eyes.

A rich source of calcium way higher than in milk, naturally combined with magnesium to ensure absorption by the body.

Along with potassium, zinc is also found in large quantities in moringa which supports uptake of the high iron content.

Moringa helps in balancing the cholesterol levels in the body.

All Essential Amino acids are also found in moringa and 12 others.

Moringa is also said to balance sugar levels, hence it is helpful in the fight against diabetes.

are an immunity-stimulant, it is prescribed for HIV afflicted patients.

Moringa leaves can be consumed to stimulate metabolism.

Supports digestion and is a natural laxative when taken on an empty stomach.

a nutrition booster and a non-sugar based energizer.

Can also help in the weight loss process as food when cutting down.

Increase the quantity of breast milk.

It is also famous for its anti-bacterial properties.

The paste of the moringa leaves is a goodskin tonic.

It protects the liver and kidneys.

Helps you feel better!

Hubby and I have been drinking Moringa tea regularly for about a week now.  Personally I have seen positive effects already, especially on the energy level and I feel very rested, too.  I have been suffering from my allergies almost everyday before I have been taking Moringa tea in the morning and now I feel a lot better the last two days have been great for me without the constant sneezing and stuffy nose.

Here is how we prepare the Moringa tea:

 photo malunggay3_zps2e8aa974.jpg

We air-dried the Moringa leaves before boiling them

 photo malunggay1_zpsbce96b7a.jpg

Goodbye, coffee! Hello, Moringa tea!

Of course, we love moringa in our soup, too! Heres for dinner tonight:

The more Moringa leaves, the better!

||Just a little bit of trivia:  Moringa leaves are not eaten here in Thailand.   People buy them in shops selling potted flowers and ornamental plants  so it would be common to see Moringa plants in beautiful pots inside peoples houses.  When I told our neighbor that we eat Moringa leaves, he cringed.  It is unimaginable for them although now the Moringa tea is already gaining popularity in this country.||

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6 thoughts on “Moringa Health Benefits

  1. Rcel

    Ray!!! Whoa! We have the same entry! LOL. I am bragging about my sabaw sa bariles with kamunggay fresh from our potted hacienda! Hahaha! Ka-lami ba sa imong sabaw oi kay murag abunda kaayo ug kamunggay. Akoa kay maihap ra! KUK. I am also into Malunggay tea lately. Pero the commercial one na. Yours is way better! :D

    BPC hop!

  2. Mel Cole

    OMG, I so want some malunggay right now! I only have a moringa tea and tablets here which I got from my reviews. Taste too strong. I want the fresh herb ones. bpc hop.

  3. Adin Blankenship

    Yes, Malunggay has some wonderful benefits that our body needs. I miss having some malunggay for soup and I cant wait to have some seeds so I can plant it in a pot. Hmmm i want some of your soup ba that looks good.. perfect for this cold rainy day.


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