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Mr. Donut Sushi

I have always seen them when I pass by the Mr. Donut stall at a Department store nearest us, but never tasted one before.  Ria and I decided to buy a set of Mr. Donut sushi, just to satisfy our craving for sweets!

They do look like sushi, don't they?

One important rule in the house: nobody eats anything yummy unless Mom has already taken a photo!

Yummy, tasty treats!

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6 Responses to “Mr. Donut Sushi”

  1. Oh Gosh Gulay says:

    they do!

    gatuo jud ko nga sushi..hahaha!! sus pagkatam is mn diay!

    leaving a cheesy yummy Sunday here..have a great week ahead!

  2. Kim,USA says:

    I love this one. I think I can finished the whole thing with a good coffee too. ^_^

    Yummy Sunday

  3. Mirage says:

    Too deceiving but so cute! hihi. I love both sushi and donuts…

  4. Jessica says:

    yum….looks very tasty, so colorful and am sure very delicious, great for my coffee. Dropping some love for Yummy Sunday, hope that you can visit me back too

  5. Leah H. says:

    Like the colors. They look delicious..

    Visiting from YS! Hope you can visit me back..

  6. Perfectly Blended says:

    looks cute. My 7 year old cousin always reminds me to take a picture of a food first before eating. :-)


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