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postheadericon Music Lovers

Both my two kids are music lovers. It’s not a wonder, actually since hubby is a musician and I used to sing in the church band, too. Nothing compares to the joy of seeing our kids have a passion for music.

Ria had to stop learning the violin a few months ago because their school closed down. When we go back to Thailand, I hope to enroll her in another music school. Hopefully, she is learning the piano this time.

As for Roi, I think he is keen to learn guitar but for now, he is our little singing star. I think EVH Guitars guitar center is worth looking into. I don’t have a budget to buy musical instruments for now, but to window shop would be a good idea.

Speaking of guitars, I think I need to learn how to play the instrument more. There are times that hubby would not be available to play in church gatherings and meetings, so I could easily take his place.

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