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My dream vacation

Everyone has a dream vacation.  I have mine, too.  Well, it has always been my dream to see those snow-capped mountains in Switzerland or those beautiful mountains of New Zealand.  I wonder what it would be like to ride on an RV on  a fine, sunny day and just drive past those gorgeous lakes and mountains?

I only see recreational vehicles in movies, but I have never ridden on one yet, so I can only imagine how exciting the experience would be.  There are no RVs here in Thailand, but at the rate of how tourists love the places and beaches, I would not be surprised to find RVs for rent anytime now.

Maybe buying an RV would be a good investment for Thai businessmen since they could always have them rented.  They would need RV financing for that, which would not be that much of a problem.

Is riding on an RV your dream, too?

I don’t necessarily dream of having my own RV myself, but to ride on one would be good enough for me!

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One Response to “My dream vacation”

  1. Tito Eric says:

    They have some really nice RVs in the States.

    I’ve been wondering how come those didn’t become popular here in Pinas. I wouldn’t mind even living full time in one.


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