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Sizzler: My All-Time Favorite

on August 18, 2012

I have been wanting to take a photo of the Sizzler’s salad bar for a long time now… I finally was able to do so!  For health freaks and salad lovers, Sizzler is definitely the place for you.

A Choice of veggies, fruits, salad mix and lots of kinds of soup

It's eat all you can so I was just taking my time-- I love this Asian potato salad!

For the kids-- don't you love those curls on top of the "face"?

I have a confession, though. I am  not very good at eat-all-you-can so and I easily get stuffed.  Hours after eating at Sizzler, I always ask myself why I did not eat that much! LOL!  I guess eating is a skill I have to master.  Really.

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    Thаnks veгy niсе blog!


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