Snacking on the Sidewalk

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We were going home from the Nick Vujicic show last night and we felt hungry and needed to snack. Although the stalls that sold food near the stadium were still open, we kept walking hoping to find some more eating places that would still be open at 11 in the evening. We found this place that has mats on the sidewalk, with little tables and they served toasted bread with coffee, tea and even milk for the kids.

We thought it was so cute! We have not eaten on the sidewalk before. I mean we did, but with the usual tables and chairs. Honestly, we felt like beggars sitting on the sidewalk, except that we had mats and little tables! LOL! Gotta love Bangkok!

 photo eat3_zps08d2e924.jpg

This is how it looks like. During the day, this is just a normal sidewalk with nothing but passersby.

 photo eat2_zps4fa1d00a.jpg

This is how they toast the bread.

 photo eat2_zps4fa1d00a.jpg

We ordered bread with banana and condensed milk– you can see the lady is slicing our banana right there.

 photo eat5_zps6211442b.jpg

They also serve hot tea with this cute teapots.

 photo eat4_zpsb44a31a6.jpg

You might be wondering how a toasted bread would look like with bananas and condensed milk.. so here you go! And oh, they have those choco syrup that goes with it, too. Delish!

Hubby got hot coffee, I ordered milk tea while the kids had iced milk.  We also ordered french fries, but they were gone before I could even take a photo! ;)

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2 thoughts on “Snacking on the Sidewalk

  1. Mel Cole

    What a sweet moment of you and your family mommy! It’s amazing to see the culture in different countries especially that’s how the people snack in Bangkok. Haven’t tried toasted bread with banana, condensed milk and choco syrup. Gotta try that with the kids one of these days.

  2. Rcel

    That is a nice scene, Ray! I wanna try that, too. Pero wala may ing-ana diri oi. Picnic ra man diri, magyaka sa parks but not by the sidewalk. Lol. I think the meals are more sumptuous in that kind of eatery kay lingaw man magkaon. :D

    BPC hop!


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