Striving to be healthy

I have just recovered from flu which lasted me 3 days– and now hubby is a little bit under the weather, but with rest and enough liquids, he seem to be getting better.

I hope the kids won’t catch colds or anything because it’s really difficult especially that we are in a country where there it’s so difficult to communicate with doctors and medical staff in  hospitals. Thank God the kids have not been sick since they came here– sure there would be slight fevers or cough and colds but nothing serious.

Although I mentioned that it would be difficult to communicate with medical people here, I can say that they are generally friendly and have a genuine concern for their patients. Most big hospitals also have modern facilities like medical computers, which are very useful.

For now we are really striving to be healthy by getting enough hours of rest, and eating fruits and vegetables.  Like my mom would always say, “Health is wealth”– I could not agree more!

Are you striving to be healthy?



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