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Creative chicken recipes

My kids pretty much love all chicken dishes.  However, unlike some kids their age, they love to eat vegetables too, which luckily means I don’t have to worry about mixing veggies with the chicken recipes I make.


Although I try to be creative in my cooking, I always seem to end up running out of ideas. At the moment I tend to only cook chicken curry, chicken soup, baked, grilled and fried chicken and that is pretty much it.  Although my kids love how I cook them and do not seem to get bored, I still long for other chicken dishes that I could experiment with.  Thankfully, whilst surfing the internet, I found all these amazing chicken recipes that have given me so many brilliant cooking ideas I am spoilt for choice.


The recipes are compiled from people all over the world and you can even add your own! Some of the recipes I have tasted but most I have never tasted before, but I sure am now going to give it a try.

Looking at the site,, always amazes me as there always seems to be endless recipe ideas. Perhaps, I am not really that talented in cooking which makes me look in amazement at the cooks creativity and talent.

There lots of sites out there like this one so I think it is safe to say no more recipe books for me ever again! I can now explore more cooking styles and recipes than ever before and thankfully my daughter loves the kitchen too, so we can do our chicken cooking adventure together. I don’t know what the outcome will be but I’m sure it will be fun


Sweet Chilli Chicken Salad Recipe at MyDishSweet chili chicken salad:  one of the recipes I would like to try making soon!

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