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The Outback Grill and its Goliath Burger Challenge!

Our friends arranged a dinner date with our family when we got to Davao City.  I was so pleasantly surprised with the many developments of Davao– it’s definitely one of my favorite cities in the Philippines!

So they took us to the Outback Grill.  All of them have not gone there yet, but have heard of so many feedbacks from friends so we all decided to check it out.

The moment we sat down, the management asked our group if someone would like to try the “Goliath Challenge.”  Curious, we got the owner of the restaurant talking.  Well, the challenger is to eat the “Goliath burger”, a basket of fries and a glass of Coke.  The catch here is that if he would be able to consume everything in an hour, he would not pay for the 900+PHP meal– but if he fails the challenge, he will pay.Sounds easy, our friend said yes without thinking twice.

The Goliath burger

The challenger, Gen with wifey, Rej

While Gen was busy eating (haha!) we had a great time catching up while enjoying our meal.

Sorry this is the only dish I was able to take a photo of– the rest were gone before I could even pull out my camera :)

After almost an hour, Gen finally decided to give up– much to our delight since we have been wanting to eat those fries and yes, we were curious about how the burger tastes like! LOL! :p

His photo would be posted here… those who dared to “slay” Goliath but failed

Another highlight of our dining experience there was the dancing part– these people danced first and then they invited us to dance the “Chicken dance”

I so enjoyed the “Chicken dance”– it was hilarious!  I really think  that could have been the cause of the heavy downpour! Haha!  Opps, guilty!  I greatly enjoyed the restaurant’s ambiance.  The music, the country/ vintage theme, and yes, the dancing!

The Outback Grill is located in Bacaca Road, Garcia Heights, Davao City.  For more information about the restaurant, you can like their facebook page here.