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Skipping Breakfast Can Result to Weight Gain

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Most people would skip the first meal of the day with the impression that they could lose weight by doing so.  This, however, is not the case.  According to health experts, skipping breakfast can in fact result to weight gain.

By skipping breakfast, one could experience excessive hunger and would have the tendency to overeat during lunch. Now when you are hungry, your body burn muscles for energy and not fat.

An ideal breakfast would be a combination of protein and fiber.  This complete meal would keep you full until lunch time.

An ideal breakfast: loads of protein and fiber
(Photo credits: www.photosantino.wordpress.com)

So the next time you’re planning to skip breakfast for weight loss, think again.  A heavy, healthy and complete breakfast just might be what you need.  While it’s true that making a complete breakfast meal could take your time, think about the benefits it will give you the whole day.  Having a complete and healthy breakfast helps you increase your concentration level, it gives you the energy and strength you need and as mentioned earlier, decreases your tendency to be overweight.

So… how was breakfast this morning?