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Kimchi Restaurant

“Kimchi” is a Korean  Restaurant is located at J.P. Laurel St., Davao City, Philippines.  Last month my brother and his wife took us there in time for their 12th year anniversary celebration.

My brother Ching and SIL Mitch: 12 years and counting!

It was our first time to eat there, and I just loved it!  Having lived in Thailand for almost 3 years now, we can say that we could eat anything spicy! So yes, those Korean dishes were lovely.

So what did we eat?  If you have to ask us each dish’s name, I have to tell you I have no idea! LOL! So did my brother, I believe… they always come to this place to dine out, but they just point to the photos in the menu. Haha! :)

So I will just show you the food photos.  To my Korean readers out there, help me out with the names please!

So we got out of that place really stuffed! My mouth still water at the thought of that sumptuous meal… and just looking at these photos!  Until next time when I’m in Davao, Kimchi Restaurant!  And yes, by then, I will see to it that I would take note of the dishes’ names!  Meantime, I will just enjoy Thai food while I’m here in Bangkok.

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