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Banana Roti/ Rotee

Roti or Rotee is basically an Indian delicacy.  It can come with lots of fillings like meat, banana, and many other fruits.  We had a chance to go for a roti trip with the kids.  We ordered two kinds:  ordinary and banana.

It’s a good thing the lady allowed me to take photos while she busied herself making our orders.  This is when she made the ordinary roti without any filling.

Sliced, put condensed milk and sugar on top… served hot!  Happy sweet tooth said “yay!”  Now for the banana one, she did the same thing except that egg and sliced banana served as filling.

Served with condensed milk and sugar on top, too.  It was one yummy and sweet treat but to be honest, I guess it was way too sweet.   I mean desserts like this, you just can’t have too much! After this, I had to order spicy fish balls! :)