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Colorful Treats!

When we went to the floating market last weekend, I could not help but be interested in these very colorful treats. It’s actually nothing special, it’s the equivalent of our puto maya in the Philippines except that these ones are colored.

 photo color1_zps62edec6e.jpg

I love those shades of pastel!  

 photo color2_zpsb567cc87.jpg

Topped with sweet coconut milk

I don’t know how they call this in Thai, but we all enjoyed it for dessert!  These sweets could also be enjoyed with ripe mangoes.

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Breakfast with friends

In our home country it would be common to sing songs early in the morning  for a friend or family member who is celebrating his or her birthday.

A few days ago we did this to a very special friend who celebrated his birthday here in Bangkok.  The night before that, we bought some food that we would eat for breakfast.  Although there are so many delicacies that we have missed being away from our home country, we tried to make it as close as it can be with the stuff that we have at home! ( I guess we are not that homesick, are we?) :)

Sweetened cassava/ tapioca

Mango with sweetened sticky rice.

Sweetened sticky rice

Hot chocolate drink

It was one happy morning celebrated with friends– great food made it even more special!

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Coco- ice cream

Actually I just made up this name. LOL.  This is Thailand’s counterpart for our “buko halo” except that it’s quite different.

This has the coco strips at the bottom with sweetened sticky rice. On top are peanuts.  The thought of sticky rice with ice cream was unimaginable for me at first, but when I got to taste it, it was actually a very pleasant surprise!  This is certified yummy. Craving for one right now!


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