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Food Tripping at Kwam Riam Floating Market

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I blogged about our recent trip to the Kwam Riam Floating market and how much I enjoyed the sights, the cultural presentations, the short boat ride. I talked a little bit about the food, but I decided to post more food photos in this blog. So here are the treats and goodies we saw there… most of them we tried to eat but some are for our eyes only– there was no space in our bellies for so much food!

 photo tdf1_zpsed89b9cb.jpg

Spring rolls with sweet and spicy sauce

 photo tnf2_zps9ebff0da.jpg


 photo tnf3_zps4fccc540.jpg

A variety of sweets

 photo tnf5_zps3e899cac.jpg

Colored sticky rice– these are somewhat salty, but you need sweetened coconut milk to top it with.  This dessert is also great with ripe mangoes.  I made a blog post about this here.

 photo tnf6_zpse8f27d55.jpg

This is called “khanom beuang.” It’s crepe with all sorts of fillings

 photo tnf7_zps07cb2e96.jpg

Dried fruit goodies, which I love!

 photo tnf8_zps41f45bfe.jpg

Equivalent to our “ampao” in the Philippines– dried and crunchy rice. These are very sweet. In the background are sticky rice stuffed into bamboo tubes, equivalent to our “suman” in the Philippines.

 photo tnf4_zps15c1b1d1.jpg

This is called Pla Dook Foo. The above photo is fried ground catfish meat with vegetables. It is so delicious when mixed with peanuts, fresh carrots and some ginger and tomatoes. It is actually a sweet and sour salad. Such a winner!

Just a little tip when you go to places like these, just buy a little bit of everything just to get a taste.  Some of the food might sound so foreign or weird and you’d regret buying lots.  Then after you’ve found something that you really loved, you can always buy as much as you can!

If you are adventurous about food and a certified food tripper like me, this would be such a fun experience.

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Colorful Treats!

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When we went to the floating market last weekend, I could not help but be interested in these very colorful treats. It’s actually nothing special, it’s the equivalent of our puto maya in the Philippines except that these ones are colored.

 photo color1_zps62edec6e.jpg

I love those shades of pastel!  

 photo color2_zpsb567cc87.jpg

Topped with sweet coconut milk

I don’t know how they call this in Thai, but we all enjoyed it for dessert!  These sweets could also be enjoyed with ripe mangoes.

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Going Raw

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I have never eaten so many raw vegetables until I came to Thailand. I found it so weird at first to eat raw cabbage, eggplant, and string beans but I eventually got the hang of it. I have come to realize that these raw veggies usually come with a very hot and spicy meal or sauce, so it helps neutralize the taste. Not to mention that raw vegetables are usually sweet and crunchy so it gives your spicy meal an added flavor.

We have a joke that we are like goats eating grass when we are served with Thai food and those leaves+ raw vegetables. It’s just good that Thais don’t understand our language so we could laugh our hearts out without being understood! :)
If you want to know what I am talking about, here are photos to prove to you that we have indeed become goats in this country!

 photo sagbot2_zps28cf20b8.jpg

Raw bean sprouts, basil, mango leaves and cucumber (which is always eaten raw even in the Philippines where I come from)

 photo sagbot3_zps2dcffb55.jpg

Dip it in a spicy sauce! Perfect! (I can’t remember what this raw veggie was)

 photo mama_zpse6d2357d.jpg

This is called “Yam Mama” — “Yam” means “salad” and “Mama” is a brand of an instant noodle. Yam Mama is mixed with raw cabbage, ipil-ipil, and lots of other greens!

I told you we have become grass eaters! Me-eh-eh!

Oops! Did I just sound like a goat?!


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