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Eight Wacky And Weird Restaurants

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For most people, dining out is more than just what’s served up on the menu.  Other key ingredients that add to the whole experience include the ambiance and the surroundings.  For some truly unusual dining experiences, here are eight of the wackiest and weirdest restaurants around.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

(image not mine)

If you quite like the idea of dining on seafood whilst being immersed amongst sea creatures, then this restaurant could well be on the menu for you.  It’s set below sea level, beneath a giant glass oval window, so that you can watch the fish glide by as you eat their cousins.

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

(image not mine)

For a bit of Far Eastern toilet humour, you may well need to a sense of humour or even a strong stomach to dine out at this chain of eateries.  Not only do you sit on a toilet when eating, but your food is served up from a toilet shaped bowl.  Hopefully, the restaurant has a separate area for when customers actually need to use the toilet!

Sky Restaurant, Belgium

(image not mine)

If you have a cool £10,000 to spare and fancy a dining experience that won’t be forgotten in a hurry, then you can literally eat whilst being suspended from a crane in the sky.  Certainly not one for those who fear heights, but the good thing is, you’ll no doubt have a wide-reaching view.

Cabbages and Condoms, Thailand

(image not mine)

Wacky, weird and very unique, this restaurant boasts claims of being the only eatery in the world dedicated to birth control.  As suggested by its name, the restaurant focuses heavily on all things condom related, from condoms on the walls, to condom related menus and you even get a condom after your meal – making a change from the ubiquitous mint!

Buns and Guns, Beirut, Lebanon

(image not mine)

Verging on the macabre, a restaurant devoted to blood, guts and everything military, the owner wanted to reflect on the time when Beirut was at war with Israel.  Surprisingly, most patrons view the joint with an air of amusement, as they munch on their mortar burgers or terrorists meals to the sound of helicopters flying overhead.

Kayabukiya, Japan

(image not mine)

Another gem from the Far East, this traditional Japanese eatery has a couple of out-of-the-ordinary waiters, namely monkeys, serving meals and generally helping out. They may only work for a couple of hours each day (due to local animal rights laws) but they certainly deserve every single soya bean tip they get for a job well done.

Life On Mars, New York

If you’ve ever fancied a trip to Mars, let alone eating there, then this restaurant will probably be the nearest thing to fulfill your fantasy.  Not only do you sit and eat in what resembles a dusty, hot, dry, red planet but you get served by Martians, albeit friendly ones.  Martian seafood platter is said to be one of this eatery’s specialities.

Dans le Noir, London

(image not mine)

Many diners savour eating by candlelight, but go one step dimmer and at this establishment you will find yourself eating in the dark.  It might sound a weird and wacky concept, but the actual idea behind it is to encourage diners to appreciate the true flavour and taste of their food.

About the author:Crispin Jones writes for Restaurant Choice – an online supplier of gift vouchers for both independent restaurants and a selection of popular dining groups.