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From the Philippines, With Love!

When you are out of the country and have been gone for so long, you can’t help but daydream about your home country’s delicacies.  In our case, we had to eat our favorites that we have not eaten for almost 3 years of being away.  It was great to be home!  And yes, you guessed it– we gained weight!

So here are our favorite Philippine delicacies we indulged in while in the Philippines:

Pastel from Camiguin island-- I looovee it! Perfect with coffee. Hmm, so drooling just at the thought of it.

We grabbed this Piyaya in the Davao International Airport en route to Manila. Piyaya is originally a Bacolod City delicacy.

Ahh, Goldilocks Classic Polvoron!

This Goldilocks Polvoron with Pinipig is also amazingly delicious! Could not have enough of it... honestly!

These are just among the many things that we miss about the Philippines.  ’Til next trip… meantime, I will just daydream about these goodies. :)

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Pizza Lovers

We greatly enjoyed Greenwich’s Pizza while we were in the Philippines.  I especially loved the crust because it was soft and tasted like Pan de Sal, a bread that is distinctively Filipino.

When we went back to Bangkok, hubby and I asked the kids if they wanted to go to Pizza Company.  Of course for my little ones who are certified pizza lovers, that was out of the question.  We got an astounding “yes!!!” — and we enjoyed a hearty meal at Pizza Company that night.

We love to eat at Pizza Company simply because it is a lot cheaper compared to other pizza food chains in Thailand.  They also have these amazing combo sets for a reasonable price.  I believe my kids would not mind eating pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Maybe if we would have the travel to travel overseas we would be more exposed to more flavors!  I am so curious about Provo Pizza.  The thought that while you are enjoying a sumptuous meal and helping a child somewhere in Malawi, for me is a very noble idea.  I am so drooling right now looking at photos of Orem Pizza!   Aside from pizza, they also have a wide variety of food to choose from like salads, pastas and desserts.

I love the idea of being able to touch lives of Malawi’s in Provo just by purchasing a pizza which we would greatly enjoy, anyway. I wish there is something like this in Thailand.  Our family would really love to share the little that we have to the underprivileged.



Christmas Doughnuts

Last Christmas our family visited two families in our neighborhood to sing Christmas carols and prayed for them.  This one family prepared a box of doughnuts for us!  It was so thoughtful of them.

We enjoyed every bite!  It was one happy Christmas eve.

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