Top 5 YouTube Videos About Teaching

Teachers need a laugh and a reminder of just how important their profession is sometimes. These videos are funny, heartfelt and show what teaching is all about.

1. Teachers Make a Difference: If you need a reminder why you went into this profession, here it is. This is a funny video that is sure to make teachers laugh as they can relate. It is however quite poignant in the lesson that it provides that teachers really do make a difference in the lives of their students. There’s a reason that this was your calling so celebrate it!
2. Maintaining Discipline: If you are a teacher then you need to know how to assert discipline and make it all work. This is no easy task and this video shows you the most authoritative and yet helpful ways to reach out to your kids and make it all work. Teaching can be hard and proper discipline is a big part of that, so this is worth the watch.
3. Tips and Tricks for Classroom Management: Though this takes a rather tongue in cheek approach to the lessons, it’s effective. If you are struggling with how to manage your classroom or need help in a specific area, then you can find some helpful lessons on here. This leaves you never having to wonder how to make your classroom work. You are in charge and this will show you how to take that back.
4. How to Be an Amazing Teacher: If you want to excel and be the best teacher that the students should expect, then check out this video. Every teacher needs a bit of motivation sometimes or a way of getting their head on straight. This will outline what you may be doing wrong and how to fix it to be the teacher that you want to be.
5. How to Start a Class Successfully: As the new school year is on the horizon, many teachers are wondering how to make this year really count. This video will show you some helpful tips and even outline what you may have done wrong in the past. It’s never too early to learn some important life lessons and as a teacher these are fundamentally important. You can be captivating to your students and help to make your teaching efforts really count this time.

Teaching is a very important profession and yet it’s a very challenging one. Sometimes a bit of laughter or motivation can make all the difference and these videos offer just that.

Mary M. Frederick blogs frequently about education and enjoys covering an array of topics regarding masters teaching degrees.