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Tuesday Travels: Khao Pat Talee

“Khao pat” means “fried rice” in Thai.  This is “Khao pat talee” which means fried rice with seafood.  Actually there are many kinds of “khao pats”– there’s with pork, chicken or simply egg.  If you are in Thailand and you don’t want to wait for long when you order food, you can simply order this one.  Very quick to make and it’s a real treat!

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7 Responses to “Tuesday Travels: Khao Pat Talee”

  1. Rcel says:

    Promise, gigutom jud ko ani sis Ray! Molahutay jud ko ani nga kan-on ba. Lol. Basta wala lang pork or shrimps, oks na ko. Mangita sa ko paniudto oi, gakutoy na jud akong tiyan aning imong pics! Lol.

    Have you tried the WISCONSIN CHEESE CURDS? That’s what my share is for TT this week! ;-) Hope to see you at my page!

  2. grace says:

    dugay na kau ko gui invite ni lalaine diha sa thailand.. wish to be there too! mag uban kaha mi ni ruby..

  3. [email protected] Virtual Wanderer says:

    Ray, gamay ra ni para nako.. hahaha.. kulang lol… labay ko for TT… see you!

  4. nancy says:

    Oh I would go for fried rice and egg and maybe with some bacon bits! Ha-ha, gumawa ba ng sariling Khao pat? :D

  5. zoan says:

    when I went to Thailand last year, na try ko ata yan! masarap na medyo may anghang ung natikman ko :)
    mine is up here:

  6. Arlene @ Food Quote says:

    just with the name i know it’s thai food. hahahaa..i had chicken fried rice. how do they call it? i forgot.

    my entry is very pinoy and i hope you cna visit back. ^^

  7. asep wahyudi says:

    Nice food. Pls order 1 and don’t forget to hurry up. I’m hungry.

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