WBFC #14

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This site is a gift from Mommy Rubz and I am so excited to fill this with my food posts!  As you can see, it still needs some lovin’– so hope you could follow me.  I’ll follow you back!

I have also filled my sidebar with every food blog I’ve found in the Yummy Sunday and Food Trip Friday entries.  Did I miss out someone?  Leave me your URL and I’ll gladly add you up!

By the way, Raya here! :)

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  1. Vhen says:

    sis, i followed u na via WBFC, hope you follow back hehehehe thanks!

  2. Baguio Girl says:

    i’m your newest follower! thanks for following me!

  3. Gene of Corbitoness says:

    Hi Raya! Following back via WBFC. I’m your 15th follower.

  4. Jhari says:

    Hi Raya, Thanks for following me (Spicy-mix.com) – followed you as well. 16th member. See you around ;)

  5. Mirage says:

    hi sis! Followed you, both blogs, eto foodblog no? thanks for adding me up will link you too!

  6. Phoebe's Blissful Life says:

    Following thru GCF @Phoebe Mendez

    Pinay Mama

  7. January says:

    Hi Raya!

    Came here from WBFC # 14. already a follower na pala sis….hope you can follow me back.. and please like my newly created FB Page too.. thanks..

  8. [email protected] Tub says:

    i love orange!

    It just doesnt look good on my blogs :(

    I’m following you via GFC from WBFC.

  9. Mom Writes says:

    Followed you here using “Pinay Mommy”!!

    Thank you for playing WBFC last week. Hope to see you again tomorrow! ;)

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