Welcome to Eat Drink Blog! This is my nth blog since I have lost count of how many blogs I really have. I got over a hundred domains but I am not sure if I have visited them all at least once a week. All I know is that I love to buy domains and blog!

Eat Drink Blog, Eating and Drinking Adventures of a Blogger, is not exactly a food blog like sharing recipes and food reviews. Though I will be blogging about food and drinks, I will be blogging about my adventures as a blogger in the realm of eating and drinking. You see, as a blogger, I usually stay at home and when I go out, I do the stuff where I know I am really good at – eating!! So, in this blog, I will be sharing my experiences when it comes to dining out or just finding a new food or drink to eat and drink.

Aside from that, Eat Drink Blog is very relevant to my life because it is usually the course of my life’s daily routine. I eat, then I drink and after that, I blog!! So talk about weight issues. LOL!

So, if you like eating, drinking and blogging, well, come and join me! Let us journey together as we eat, drink and blog!!