Yummy Sunday: “Buyo”

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This s probably the weirdest post I will ever make for any food meme.  I can’t blame you if you won’t say “Yummy! ” or “I’m drooling!” on your comments.  Haha!

Here’s one Thai food that we discovered just today.

First of all you are going to need these leaves. I  guess they call this leaf “buyo”

Diced onions, ginger, lime, desiccated  coconut, dried little shrimps, chili

and peanuts.

This sweet sauce made out of … I don’t know what! LOL! :)
You roll the leaf into a cone.
Put all the ingredients inside the cone-shaped leaf.  Close your eyes, open your mouth.  CHEW.
The spices, the mint flavor from the leaf, the sweet taste from the sauce, the crunchy desiccated coconut and peanuts, the saltiness that the shrimps bring, the sour and pungent taste from the lime– all these melt into your mouth.

This is actually bite size.  You get it all in your mouth and you decide if you liked it or not.  I actually did!  And yes, I have to say (although my mind is resisting)– THAT IT WAS ONE YUMMY TREAT!

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11 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday: “Buyo”

  1. JLaine

    Yeah.. I tried this..it doesn’t taste weird as it looks… I even thought I could only take a bite and not eat it again.. but I had a few rolls, myself.. gina roll diay namo ang amo Ray..dli cone..heheh!

  2. Late Bloomer Blog

    That is an interesting food to say the least. Though the ingredients made it seem flavorful, I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with eating a leaf like that. Hindi ba siya lasang dahon? You know like the smell and taste of kangkong when it’s not yet cooked?

    Visiting via Yummy Sunday. Here’s my entry: French Vanilla Coffee

  3. gagay

    indeed so weird! hahahaha!!ibang level jud kag post karun te..ikaw na ang nakapa drool nku!hehehe!

    have a great Sunday! here’s my Yummy Sunday entry!

  4. Vhen

    umm.. isipin ko nlng shawarma siya hahahha!

    happy YS!


    hope to see you there too, thanks!

  5. Mommy Dharlz

    hala no.. I wonder how it will affect me, if I get to taste this one.. hmm.. I wonder..

  6. Jay-agent112778

    eating raw ginger and onion is not new to me so its not “fear factor” but that sauce and the leaf make me interested to try

    here’s my entry

  7. cheerful

    i bet its spicy…parang dito din, ang dami nilang dahon na kinakain, kakaiba na nga din para sa akin minsan! i just followed you at gfc and visiting late from YS…have a great week. :)

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